AV: the worst example

According to the NO campaign the Torfaen election shows AV in the worst light. Labour won with 44.8%, followed by Conservative (20%), LibDem (16.6%)  and 6 more (5.3% or less each). The No campaign claim that under AV the 8th placed, an Independent, could have won. But to do so Labour would have had to have picked up less than 5.3% from the other candidates, including LibDem, and the Independent would have had to be ranked higher than the others by a majority. In particular, the Independent could not have won without support from Conservative voters.

Is it reasonable for Conservatives to complain?:

  • Conservative votes contributed to the victory.
  • Don’t the Conservatives prefer this to Labour?

It is also worth noting that the Independent would have to have picked up most second-rank votes from the Greens and UKIP, and so on, which also seems unlikely.

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Dave Marsay


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