Post-Keynesian economics develops the ideas in Keynes’ General Theory. It takes Keynes’ concept of uncertainty to be similar to Frank Knight’s, and takes its significance for economics seriously.


See Sheila C. Dow & John Hillard Keynes, Uncertainty and the Global Economy, 2002.

1.  Fitzgibbons’ Foundations of Keynes’ economics
   This rejects ‘decision making by numbers’, instead advocating a dualist calculation-judgement approach, using ‘vigilant observation’. It overlooks relevant mathematics, such as that of Keynes and von Neumann.

6. Vercelli’s Keynesian Learning.
In open worlds strategic learning needs to be creative and ‘designing’, unlike Bayesianism, say.

Journal articles

Paul Davidson emphasises the lack of ergodicity, and explores some of the consequences.

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Dave Marsay

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