Dodgson’s Symbolic Logic

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Symbolic Logic, Part I: ElementaryFourth Edition (original 1897) Ed E.C. Berkeley Dover 1955

Publisher’s Note

The publisher is aware that a few (sic) of the author’s statements, made soley to illustrate some point of logic, may seem offensive to certain minorities (sic) today. Many of these statements were meant to seem absurd; nearly all are facetious. … It is our hope .. that readers encountering such statements may view them in the light of their historical setting and accept them for the harmless whimsies the author intended.

Prefatory Note

Lewis Carroll (C.L.Dodgson) is known and loved by millions as the mathematician author of Alice in Wonderland and many other books.

This book … contains … a description of his method of solution using symbolic logic (a method which is partly out of date), and all that reached printing of the two other parts that he planned to write, Part II: Advanced and Part III: Transcendental.

Preface to Fourth Edition

The chief alterations, since the First Edition, have been made in the chapter on ‘Classification’ .. and the Book on ‘Propositions’ … .

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