This is where I put media to share.

Thesis (Maths, Warwick)

On germs ,,, : highly technical, and please be aware that common usage has moved on so, so don’t rely on wikipedia for interpretation. (Unless and until I get around to clarifying some obscure distinctions and changes in common usage.)


Paper: Uncertainty in Planning: adapting the framework of game theory. doi: .

Collaboration 2009

Enabling State: Collaborating for Success (A collaborative production: my main bit is referenced within. It preceded the financial crash, but was published afterwards)

IMA Conference (the first) on Mathematics in Finance, Invited talk, April 2013.

Presentation: Marsay slides IMA Conf Fin in Maths April 2012 Final b, Paper: Marsay paper IMA Conf Fin in Maths April 2013 ii .

Decision-Making 2016

Decision-Making under Radical Uncertainty: An Interpretation of Keynes’ Treatise

Still downloading about 30 times a day (Oct 2019).

Thoughts on Uncertainty

Generalizing Probability, For comments, please. (Currently lacks detail, footnotes and references – I aim to expand.)

I need to review a lot of the above, to reflect others’ thoughts, and – hopefully – make more sense. But the clues are in my thesis and posts!

Dave Marsay

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